Mathias Luka Agbu is a Nigerian-born Author, Engineer, Thinker, Philanthropist, and a Transformational Leader who lives in Houston, Texas-USA.

He is the co-founder of the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation. He holds a Bachelor and Master of Mechanical Engineering degrees from the Federal University of Technology Minna, (Nigeria) and the University of Texas at Arlington (USA). As an experienced Mechanical engineer, he has worked and led major Oil and Gas projects across North America and Africa.

Despite over two decades of sojourning in the USA, Mathias has always maintained a constant connection with his community back in Nigeria. In 2008 he founded the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation (LAMF). Based in his hometown of Wukari-Taraba State, the Foundation is providing scholarships to orphaned and disadvantaged children and empowering youth as community transformers across Taraba State.

His passion for a meaningful change in Taraba State is manifested through his laudable initiatives including the Emerging Leaders Conference, Youth Leaders Workshop, Youth mentoring program, Leadership interview series on social media and his regular commentary on contemporary and topical issues. In 2019, he ran for a seat in the Nigerian Senate. He is an Alumnus of the History Makers Training in Kiev, Ukraine.

Mathias is happily married to his wife (Favor Wazota Agbu). They are blessed with five children.


At 24, my father was killed in a car accident. Few years later, my mother also died. Suddenly, the family support system crumbled for me alongside my five siblings and life took a difficult turn on us. We experienced rejection and abandonment from relatives and parents' friends. As the first child, life was hardest for me as I had to shoulder the responsibilities my parents left behind.

Amidst this tragic experience was the turning point for me and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I believe God allowed me to go through those unbearable moments to give birth to my purpose in life. Experiencing first-hand what it means to be in despair and hopeless ignited in me a deep passion for HELPING THE HELPLESS in society.

This passion continues to grow stronger every passing day reinforcing my calling in life to be a difference maker in the lives of people and society.


In 2008, My wife and I founded the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation (, in honour and memory of my late father. My late father (Rev Luka D. Agbu) lived an exemplary and selfless life which has a significant influence in my life. The primary focus of the Foundation as a platform is to help the underprivileged in the society.

As someone who experienced, the impact of losing one's parent at a tender age, the plight of the orphans resonated with me and this became our priority area.

Through the vehicle of the Foundation, I have been privileged and honoured to positively impact the lives of over 200 Orphans, through the provision of scholarships and other educational support resources. I believe education is the greatest equalizer of opportunity in life.

The Foundation has since grown beyond scholarship support; it has extended to capacity development of the youths, women empowerment, career guidance, leadership development programs for the youth, community leaders and other community-based programs.