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Mathias Luka Agbu is a Nigerian-born author, engineer,
thinker, philanthropist, and transformational
leader who lives in Houston, Texas-USA. a brief bio.

About Me Mathias Luka Agbu

He is a member of the Maxwell Leadership Team and a Maxwell-certified coach, speaker, and trainer.​

He is the founder of the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Technology at Minna, Nigeria, and the University of Texas at Arlington, USA. As an experienced Mechanical engineer, he has worked and led major Oil and Gas projects across North America and Africa.​

Despite sojourning for over two decades in the United States, Mathias has always aintained a constant connection with his community back in Nigeria. ​

His passion for a meaningful change in people is manifested through his laudable initiatives including the Emerging Leaders Conference, Youth Leadership Workshop, outh Mentoring Programs, Leadership Interview Series on social media, and his regular commentary on contemporary and topical issues. ​

Mathias is happily married to his wife, Favor Wazota Agbu. They are blessed with five children.