In 2017, Mathias took a bold step to contest the primaries for a seat in the National Assembly on the platform of one of Nigeria’s opposition party – the People’s Democratic Party. Mathias excelled as an Engineer and never desired politics.  His life philosophy is to have a simple life. Help the needy and be a part of the success stories of as many individuals as possible within his community on a personal level. The limitation on the scale of impact of his philanthropic efforts shifted his views on politics to be that of a great tool with the potential to be deployed for enormous good for a frustrated citizenry and restore broken hopes and aspirations.  

Running to clinch the ticket of the PDP was filled with intrigues: from electorates perceiving aspirants as their new cash cow, to delegates earnestly desiring change but lacking the courage to follow through, to a candidates selection process that carefully crafted to repel newcomers and offer a competitive edge to existing chieftains. The experience left a sour taste and the question of whether Nigerian politics is a worthwhile venture for noble individuals or surrender the space to charlatans is a better affirmation.

In this book, Mathias takes his readers on a journey, bring to light the complexities of the world of politics in Nigeria.