What you must stop doing to become better

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  • Akila Daniel 1 year ago

    I really appreciate and got lots of values in this episode sir. These are the things we do consciously or unconsciously not knowing their implications to our growth in life. I really got value here sir. But I have a little concerned, I strongly believe the idea of environment. Environment as you said contributes greatly to someone's success or failure in life. But sometimes you don't decide the environment you stay. You grow up just to find yourself in an environment because your parents stayed their and gave birth to you while some other times situations force you into staying in an environment. Some of these environment might not be favourable for your growth, what should you do?

  • Kate Ishaya Gani 1 year ago

    I do appreciate you sir. On this issue of environment, when an environment is not favourable or holding down my growth, changing the environment is the most important thing to do. So if my family is a contributing factor or let me say my work environment is also not favourable, how do i change such?

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